"Fifteen men on the dead man's chest... Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum"

I was recently contacted by a mysterious man who wanted an illustration design for a t-shirt to promote his equally mysterious hand-distilled small batch Rum distillery based in Alberta, Canada, called the Secret Barrel Distillery. Nobody knows who he is... although I do know his name is Alan. The brand he has created is very cool (I can't wait to taste the rum) so I was over the moon to be asked to create something for them. He asked me to create the design for a limited edition shirt to take with him to a huge rodeo called the Calgary Stampede. It turns out they were very popular and the t-shirts sold out!

Check out their website http://secretbarreldistillery.com

or their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/secretbarreldistillery/home

"After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music." Aldous Huxley

I get the opportunity to do quite a bit of private work and I recently had the great fortune to work with this awesome musical artist to create for him an album cover for his newest demo. JWA (Jan) is a lovely, very talented guy and he reached out to me to create an illustration to adorn his latest work. And here it is!

You can check out his music here:


Jan Willemius fiverr small.jpg

Paint study

A quick study in acrylic and spray paint of a man's face that I spotted while watching an Adam Curtis documentary.

ps take good care of your artwork. The big creases in the paper were courtesy of my dog, Dennis jumping all over it while I had laid it down for a second...

Free Art Friday!!!

A #freeartfriday #artabandonment drop, this time in St Neots... my home town. And my first free art drop here. Just look out for the red fly agaric mushroom!

Art Abandonment/Free Art European tour!

I've just spent the last week having an amazing time travelling around London and Barcelona, where I took the opportunity to leave some little bits of me around these fantastic cities.

I spent some time in Shoreditch taking a look at the awesome street art which adorns so many walls and spaces in and around the area. And I left a few pieces there including one at Box Park which is a really cool shopping 'mall' made out of shipping containers. I also left a piece in Covent Garden, among the street performers and artisan stalls.

Then onto Barcelona - and what a beautiful city that is! From the narrow alleyways opening to surprising plazas in the Gothic quarter to the historic Cathedral, from the assault on your senses Boqueria market to the truly stunning Sagrada Familia, Guadi's masterpiece of architecture. So I took the chance to leave some small slices of my art in some of those stunning settings. I even got to see a couple of my abandoned pieces get picked up.

I urge any artist to have a go at abandoning some of your art, it's a liberating and fun experience... and it's actually quite nice not knowing where or who's hands they end up in.


Eye Line Time Lapse

A timelapse showing the drawing of a piece for Art Abandonment/Free Art using acrylic marker pen on canvas board. 


Music: Sad i's - Gringo Divorce

Art Abandonment/Free Art Movement

Just a quick note about art abandonment/free art. I'm creating 20 to 30 small pieces of art work to abandon in a few places around the globe. Firstly I will be dropping a few in my home town of St Neots (I think it could use an injection of free art) and my home city of Cambridge. I'm also going to leave some in London the next time I'm there. Hopefully, I'll also be dropping some in another great art capital of Europe... and I'm also planning for some to make their way across the Atlantic Ocean to be dropped in one of the great art cities of the world.


I'm really excited about 'abandoning' my art for people to find. I read comments posted on the Art Abandonment and Free Art Friday sites about how someone has had their day, their week or even their year turned around from shitty to awesome, just because they found a piece of heart, emotion, or plain creativity from an artist who wanted to brighten someone's day.


Huge shouts go to Michael DeMeng (Art Abandonment) and My Dog Sighs (Free Art Friday) for starting this ball rolling along with all the other people involved and participating who make this happen every day!

Change, Opportunity and Wild Art Release

Hello hello hello!!!


Welcome to my very first blog post on my brand new website! I’m very happy to welcome you here as I am really excited to have a place where I can show a great selection of my work.

As you may or may not know, for the past five years I have been showcasing my work on my Facebook art page, Tangled Roots Art. I came up with the name as it seemed to fit well with the artwork I was concentrating on at the time. As a typical artist however, I am always evolving and for a long time I have been trying to identify where my work is going. I create work which can be heavily reliant upon my photography yet I also paint purely from my imagination. I make models and assemblage art and collages. I am influenced by street art and graffiti and fine art and tattoo art, sculpture and abstract and impressionism, cubism and surrealism.

Therefore Tangled Roots Art doesn’t really feel the right fit any more for all the art I create. I felt I needed to evolve and now is the time to do it; into Daniel Wilson Art, to encompass everything that I make. And I'm very happy to write that!

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you will visit regularly. I will be using this blog and website to show you my new work, to share with you some of the processes and techniques that go into the creation of my art; some hints and tips and ‘behind the scenes’ stuff. I’ll show you some ‘old’ work that probably has never been shown online. I want to share other artist’s work, exhibitions, articles… plus I’ll be doing some Art Abandonment/Free Art business so keep your eyes peeled here for where and when I’ll be releasing some homeless art into the wilderness, ready for you to find!