Art Abandonment/Free Art Movement

Just a quick note about art abandonment/free art. I'm creating 20 to 30 small pieces of art work to abandon in a few places around the globe. Firstly I will be dropping a few in my home town of St Neots (I think it could use an injection of free art) and my home city of Cambridge. I'm also going to leave some in London the next time I'm there. Hopefully, I'll also be dropping some in another great art capital of Europe... and I'm also planning for some to make their way across the Atlantic Ocean to be dropped in one of the great art cities of the world.


I'm really excited about 'abandoning' my art for people to find. I read comments posted on the Art Abandonment and Free Art Friday sites about how someone has had their day, their week or even their year turned around from shitty to awesome, just because they found a piece of heart, emotion, or plain creativity from an artist who wanted to brighten someone's day.


Huge shouts go to Michael DeMeng (Art Abandonment) and My Dog Sighs (Free Art Friday) for starting this ball rolling along with all the other people involved and participating who make this happen every day!