Art Abandonment/Free Art European tour!

I've just spent the last week having an amazing time travelling around London and Barcelona, where I took the opportunity to leave some little bits of me around these fantastic cities.

I spent some time in Shoreditch taking a look at the awesome street art which adorns so many walls and spaces in and around the area. And I left a few pieces there including one at Box Park which is a really cool shopping 'mall' made out of shipping containers. I also left a piece in Covent Garden, among the street performers and artisan stalls.

Then onto Barcelona - and what a beautiful city that is! From the narrow alleyways opening to surprising plazas in the Gothic quarter to the historic Cathedral, from the assault on your senses Boqueria market to the truly stunning Sagrada Familia, Guadi's masterpiece of architecture. So I took the chance to leave some small slices of my art in some of those stunning settings. I even got to see a couple of my abandoned pieces get picked up.

I urge any artist to have a go at abandoning some of your art, it's a liberating and fun experience... and it's actually quite nice not knowing where or who's hands they end up in.