Daniel is a multi media artist from Cambridge, UK who now lives and works in Chicago, USA. He specialises mainly in painting, illustration and photography.

Daniel paints and draws in acrylic, pen, marker, spray paint, ink as well as using his own photography in his work. His art looks at the hidden fabric behind the human condition, space and life; energy waves, atoms, thought, ideas, human connection. It often has a strong representation of human emotions, hidden feelings. The life behind life.

Daniel grew up in a small town in Cambridgeshire, UK. Making art from a young age, he has always been a creator working in many different mediums including music, video, sculpture as well as traditional painting and drawing. A keen musician, he has played in punk bands, DJ'd at his own Drum & Bass and Dub Reggae club nights while constantly producing his own music.

He gained a Ba(hons) Degree in Photography from the University of Derby (UK) in 2001. He then went on to work as a press photographer on newspapers for 10 years before pursuing his art full time.